Beautiful Privacy Screens for Small Spaces

Are you looking for a way to add privacy to a smaller outdoor area? You have several options to create the privacy screen that makes the space your own. Consider the décor and comfort you want in this space and go from there with the privacy screen options. Not sure how you want to do…

Using Vinyl Lattice for Outdoor Privacy Panels

Do you have a spot on the property that needs some added outdoor privacy? How in the world are you going to accomplish that without a major demo and rebuild project? Or maybe you don’t have an existing private spot and want to add one. We have the solution. Incorporate vinyl lattice privacy panels.

Transform Your Deck with Lattice

Decks are extensions of our home.  They provide us with an area where we can relax or entertain family and friends. Do you want to turn your deck into an outdoor living area? Or maybe you just feel like it needs a little something. One way you can transform your deck is by adding lattice….

Privacy Screens and Fences

We all want a place where we feel secure to peacefully relax. We want to feel comfortable and not exposed in our outdoor spaces. However, we don’t necessarily want to feel closed in or totally secluded while we obtain our privacy. What would you think about a way to provide privacy for your property and…

Lattice for Privacy in a Manufactured Home Park

What is the definition of privacy? It means the quality or state of being apart from others. Each one of us needs a little privacy every once in a while, and we all have a desire to have that special place to relax and enjoy the solitude.

Vinyl Lattice Fencing

Are you considering a vinyl fence for your property? Are you afraid you will feel closed in and secluded? Why not install a vinyl lattice fence? Whether you want to fence in the whole yard or just add a boundary line, a vinyl lattice fence is a perfect option.

How to Use Permalatt Lattice as Privacy Fencing

  A fence is a barrier, railing or upright structure that encloses an area to mark a boundary, control access or prevent escape. So as most of us think about fencing, we think along the lines of something solid, somewhat plain and something that could create a completely enclosed area. Now, let’s think along the…

Finishing Touches for Your Outdoor Living Space

Spring is slowing passing and the dog days of summer are heading our way fast. Some of us still do not have our landscape projects completed but we are really looking forward to enjoying our outdoor living space. Here are a few things to consider while planning that special space for your landscape’s summer look.

Vinyl Lattice and SpringTime

Finally, spring is just around the corner! The days are getting longer, and the temperatures are rising. Spring fever hits and we want to be outside doing something. Many of us plan spring cleaning for the inside of our home, but today let’s think about taking advantage of the spring weather to complete our outdoor…

Do It Yourself Privacy – Add a Lattice Screen

Privacy, we all want it from time to time. We want to feel comfortable and not exposed, especially in our outdoor spaces. We want to restrict the view that neighbors and others have into our area. Even though we want privacy, we don’t want to feel closed in or totally secluded. What would you think…