How to Use Permalatt Lattice as Privacy Fencing


How to Use Permalatt Lattice as Privacy Fencing

A fence is a barrier, railing or upright structure that encloses an area to mark a boundary, control access or prevent escape.

So as most of us think about fencing, we think along the lines of something solid, somewhat plain and something that could create a completely enclosed area.

Now, let’s think along the lines of a lattice privacy fence. Yes, it’s still a fence. A lattice fence will create a unique look for privacy with a bit of sophistication.

This is not a new idea, but an idea that is now becoming very popular. It may just be the new option you’ve been looking for.

Do you have a home owner who came to you looking for a way to gain privacy in their outdoor area? The client may think the only product for this type of project is a fence.

How to Use Permalatt Lattice as Privacy Fencing

Vinyl Fence is excellent for privacy and provides a modern look that will enhance any area. However your client may want something that won’t make them feel caged in and secluded.

Of course you can install a privacy fence with a lattice accent which will give a bit of an open air feeling. Or you could install a total lattice fence and give them the ultimate privacy fencing.

This lattice fence offers a privacy screen look while it allows airflow and eliminates the closed in feeling a solid fence may have. This makes it a very functional fence.

The lattice provides a semi-shaded private area with more notable style than a regular fence. So if you and the client aren’t looking for closed in and complete privacy, a lattice fence is perfect for this project.

A lattice privacy fence will also keep children and pets in and provide a decorative look. A lattice privacy fence is just as easy to install as any other kind of fence.

A bonus for you is it’s easy to handle too as it lighter than the common vinyl fence.

How to Use Permalatt Lattice as Privacy Fencing

A privacy fence is not limited to being installed at the ground level. Depending on the project, an elevated lattice fence can create the essential privacy while offering a great look to the area.

Consider continuing the look by adding a privacy fence with a railing system on a deck. This will become a handsome design that boosts curb appeal as well.

How to Use Permalatt Lattice as Privacy Fencing

Here’s an idea we loved. The client has a brick wall around the patio but want to create a little privacy and resurrect the look of the property.

By taking the corners higher with the brickwork, adding a couple of post, and placing lattice to the upper portion, they now have a brick/lattice privacy fence.

So as you can see, the opportunities to use a lattice privacy fence are unlimited.

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