How to Beautify an Ugly AC Unit Using Permalatt Lattice

How to Beautify an Ugly AC Unit Using Permalatt Lattice

So you’ve completed the exterior project your customer wanted done. Now they notice they have this ugly ac unit right in the middle of it. What an eyesore. How can you hide such a thing and still accomplish a creative look for the client?

There is a way to conceal the unit that also enhances the space. You can do this by using the DuraShell® 1” square or diagonal lattice with post and rails. Of course you can use any of the other opening sizes we manufacture. The DuraShell® lattice can bring a completed look to any area. By using our high quality lattice and your construction expertise, the end results in complete customer satisfaction.

The vinyl lattice will allow airflow around the ac unit while accommodating the need to hide it and make the perfect and eye pleasing spot. This is along the same design as a lattice fence.

Using post, post caps, rails and lattice you can build a short fence to enclose the ac unit and bring an eye pleasing design to the ac unit. The height of the “short” fence should be higher than the unit itself. We suggest at least 4” over the height of the unit. Some clients prefer 6” to 8” over the height of the unit. It’s all in the visual effect you and the client wish to achieve.

You can mix up the look by using two patterns and opening sizes for this project.

The 1” diagonal and the 1-7/8” diagonal are used to enclose the unit for a great look. Again, any size opening can be used. You can even use square and diagonal together. To create the blended look, you still need the post, rails and lattice. This project has the smaller opening lattice screwed behind the larger opening lattice.

Use the u-channel to frame both of the lattice styles for a nice finished edge look.

Maybe the client needs a space for their garbage cans. Because honestly who wants to put it in the garage? The trash cans are bulky, space hogging stinky obstacles that would be better kept outside. If your client is looking for a way to add a crisp and clean looking spot for their trash bin we have a solution! Include a gate on one side of the trash hideaway for easy access.

Remember to leave enough room for the removal of the trash cans for the all-important trash day.

When using DuraShell® lattice your options are limitless. Your creativity is the key for happy clients with unique tastes in any project. The DuraShell® lattice is versatile, easy to cut and install. Thus it makes for the top choice in all projects. From the trash bin to the ac unit and many more concealment projects, DuraShell® will be the lattice that last.

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