Home Improvement Projects with Permalatt Lattice

Home Improvement Projects Using Permalatt Lattice

As a contractor you will be presented with a project that calls for the use of premium materials. Your client is very specific about the way the finished look of the project is to be.

The client also prefers the quality and longevity of the completed project to be exceptional. While they want all of this, they expect the cost to be minimal and the completion date expedited.

All of their request and expectations are justified, so now it’s up to you to make it happen for them. If the home improvement project includes lattice we have a great opportunity to help you meet all of your client’s wishes.

Permalatt Products, Inc. manufactures two styles of lattice, the Decorative 3D lattice and the DuraShell® lattice. For the most part, the Decorative 3D lattice and the DuraShell® lattice products are the same.

Both of the lattice products are manufactured strip over strip, both are true 3D products, and both are manufactured with solid cellular core strips. The Decorative 3D and DuraShell® lattice have booth passed Fire Rating test for interior and exterior uses. Our lattice products are easy to cut, install and maintain.

No need to worry about the warping, expanding or contracting issues with our lattice. Our lattice products are dimensionally stable. The Decorative 3D lattice is just as its name states, decorative. Each strip is 1/8” thick. Where the two strips cross it has the total thickness of ¼”.

The colors we offer in the Decorative 3D lattice are: Snow White, Laguna Dune, Khaki and Sandstone. We offer a u-channel is available in our snow white color for this product as well. The u-channel is a nice way to frame the lattice sheet.

The most common use of the Decorative 3D lattice is in fence topping projects. The Decorative 3D lattice can be used in any project that is using the lattice a decorative enhancement. If you are not sure about using the Decorative 3D lattice in a project, just call and ask us, we’re here to help!

The DuraShell® lattice is manufactured with the strips at ¼” thickness. Where the two strips cross it creates the total thickness of ½”. The DuraShell® lattice also has a scuff and scratch resistant coating on each strip.

The colors we offer in the DuraShell® lattice are: Snow White, Almond, Laguna Dune, Sandtone, Khaki and Pebblestone. In the DuraShell® product we offer u-channels and h-channels in any of the colors we manufacture the lattice in.

Our DuraShell® can be used in any project. Yes, any project. While the lattice is not considered a structural product, it is a very sturdy and premium lattice. Fence topping projects, a trellis, privacy screens or anything you and your client can imagine, the DuraShell® lattice will stand the test of time.

Consider our lattice products before you rush off to the big box store for your lattice projects. We offer several opening sizes in both products.

For the Decorative 3D lattice we offer opening sizes of 1-7/8” diagonal, 2” square, and 3” diagonal.

For the DuraShell® lattice we offer opening sizes of 1” diagonal, 1” square, 1-7/8” diagonal, 2” square, 2-3/4” diagonal (available in snow white only), and 3” diagonal.

We manufacture the standard sheet sizes of 4’x 8’, 4’ x 6’, 12” x 6’ or 8’ and 16” x 6’ or 8’. Don’t see a sheet size you need? We can manufacture custom sheets sizes as well. In the square openings we can manufacture any sheet size under 4’ wide and under 8’ long.

In any of the diagonal openings we can manufacture any sheet size under 4’ wide and in any length up to 12’. Not sure you can convenience your client to go with Permalatt Products, Inc. for the lattice part of their project?

We strongly suggest getting one of our samples and comparing our lattice to any lattice at the big box store. When you and your client see the two lattice products side by side, you will see a huge difference in the quality of our lattice vs the “theirs”.

View our Facebook page to compare our lattice to any other type of lattice available. You can also explore all the uses and ideas for future projects.

We make it easy for you as the contractor to obtain our products. Call the office at: 888-457-4342 and we will be happy to help you with all of your lattice needs.

Don’t forget to request your sample kit! Contact us today with any questions.