DuraShell® Vinyl Lattice has a 3-D appearance and solid core construction. The slats are ¼” thick and produces a ½” thickness where they are joined together. DuraShell® lattice will last much longer than plastic or wood lattice and will not splinter when cut like hollow PVC can. There is no need to paint Permalatt lattice, therefore giving you the promise of long-lasting beauty!

DuraShell® Lattice comes in six colors. These colors are not just a surface color, the color runs throughout the entire slat. The slats are smooth and not woodgrain or textured. The DuraShell® protective topcoat helps to reduce scuffs and scrapes.

There are six styles in the DuraShell® line in both traditional diagonal and square opening patterns. The opening patterns range in size from 1” for privacy to 3” for gardens.

U-Channels (for the perimeter) and H-Channels (connects two sheets) are also available in all colors.

Permalatt’s lattice offers an attractive look, is virtually maintenance free and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Don’t settle for less!

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1" Diagonal 1/2In. 3D Vinyl Lattice - DuraShell®$196.00$288.00durashell 1-diagonal
1-7/8" Diagonal 1/2In. 3D Vinyl Lattice – DuraShell®$36.00$197.00durashell 1-7-8-diagonal-durashell
2-3/4" Diagonal 1/2In. 3D Vinyl Lattice - DuraShell®$35.00$165.00durashell 2-3-4-diagonal
3" Diagonal 1/2In. 3D Vinyl Lattice - DuraShell®$29.00$155.00durashell 3-diagonal-durashell
1" Square 1/2In. 3D Vinyl Lattice - DuraShell®$196.00$294.00durashell 1-square
2" Square 1/2In. 3D Vinyl Lattice - DuraShell®$128.00$194.00durashell 2-square-durashell
1/2In. Vinyl U-Channel Perimeter Trim for 1/2In. DuraShell® Lattice$8.00$13.00durashell accessories-durashell
1/2In. Vinyl H-Channel Connector for 1/2In. DuraShell® Lattice$36.00$44.00durashell accessories-durashell
SAMPLE: 1/2In. Vinyl Lattice Sample - DuraShell®$5.00durashell samples-durashell
SAMPLE: 1/2In. Vinyl Lattice Complete Sample Kit - DuraShell®$10.00
durashell samples-durashell
SAMPLE: 1/2In. Vinyl Color Ring - DuraShell®$5.00
durashell samples-durashell