How to Use DuraShell® Lattice in Interior Projects

How to Use DuraShell® Lattice in Interior Projects

As a contractor you have many opportunities to be creative with the vision your client is trying to make a reality in their project. There are a few clients who know exactly how they want the end result to look and can explain it to you.

Then there are the clients who have the idea in their mind, and want you to take that and create the perfect layout and design. Either way, your suggestions on design and materials will probably carry weight with the client.

If you use and are familiar with our DuraShell® lattice we hope you will suggest our product in the construction. You know that no matter what the project, our lattice is easy to work with and will outlast any other type of lattice.

The DuraShell® lattice will prove to be the top choice item time after time. If you aren’t familiar with us, we invite you to browse our website, fb page, and request samples. Once you have the lattice in hand, you will understand how we are different from every other lattice manufacturer.

Our DuraShell® lattice is not limited to outdoor projects. Our DuraShell® lattice has passed the Class A-1 UBC fire rating test with the highest possible rating.

This fact makes the DuraShell® lattice approved for interior usage.

So if you find yourself accepting a job that consists of interior designs, you can rest assured DuraShell® is the lattice for the job.

How to Use Permalatt Lattice for Interior Projects

Include a lattice look in the bathroom remodeling job:

To switch things up a bit, you can make lattice shutters to give added privacy to the new bathroom for your client.

You can also incorporate the lattice along the walls to continue the look. It adds a crisp fresh look to any bathroom décor.

Simply frame the lattice sheets as cupboard doors, add the handles and hinges and the shutters are complete.

Secure the lattice sheets above the trim board and add a chair rail above it as a gentle transformation to the painted wall.

How to Use Permalatt Lattice for Interior Projects 2

Family room accents:

Or maybe there’s a family room renovation. How about lining the walls with lattice and trim boards?

Even if your client chooses a color for their wall, the lattice will enhance the look for the area. You can nail directly thru the lattice to attach the sheets to the wall.

A standard trim board around the lattice sections and along the top and bottom of each sheet will give an outstanding look.

The trim boards create a bit of texture to the room and join the sheets nicely.

How to Use Permalatt Lattice for Interior Projects 3

Vaulted ceiling enhancement:

Did your client add a vaulted ceiling but now they feel like it’s lacking something? Add lattice sheets and see the immediate transformation.

This can also take an old room and give it a new look. You can either use boards to separate the lattice sections or you can incorporate the H-channel in this project.

The DuraShell® lattice is easy to work with and is a high quality product. We offer 4’x 6’ and 4’ x 8’ standard sheets sizes. If you prefer a custom sized sheet, we can accommodate you!

We can manufacture widths of 4 feet or less, and in diagonal openings, any length up to 12’. Contact us for a free quote today. Don’t forget to request your sample kit as well.