Indoor Uses for Vinyl Lattice

Have you ever thought about using vinyl lattice to decorate or organize inside your home? Lattice can create a modern yet classic look and add big time character for your interior rooms without a lot of effort. Actually, lattice is a great interior furnishing idea. It can bring a bit of outdoors to your interior,…

Vinyl Lattice Tricks and Ideas

A lot of our clients are contacting us and saying they are ready to renovate their outdoor area.  From replacing the deck skirting to adding a privacy screen, everyone is ready to get things done.  As always, we are ready and able to help each one with their lattice needs. Vinyl Lattice Tricks and Ideas

Decorative 3D Lattice

Permalatt Products, Inc. manufactures two levels of vinyl lattice. They are the DuraShell® and the Decorative 3D lattice. While both are manufactured similarly and are both high-quality products, they also have their differences.

What is DuraShell® Vinyl Lattice and How To Use It

When it comes to lattice there can be a bit of confusion as to what one is the best for your project. You may want to research the lattice types available and find out just what makes one better than the other. It can be hard to get information regarding how certain lattice types are…

Unique Ways to use Lattice

As a lattice manufacturer, Permalatt Products, Inc. has sold lattice for all of the typical uses … fencing, gazebos, pergolas, deck skirting and even privacy screens. These are the most common projects we see where we see our lattice used. With that being said, we’ve also experienced projects that are not so typical.

The Safety of Vinyl Lattice vs. Wood Lattice

You have a lovely area that needs a finishing touch. What can you use? Lattice! Lattice has become one of the most used items for enhancing landscaped areas, creating privacy and hiding unsightly things such as air conditioners and trash cans.

What To Do With Permalatt Lattice

  Permalatt Products, Inc. manufactures two styles of lattice, 1) The Decorative 3D lattice and, 2) the DuraShell® lattice. The Decorative 3D lattice is constructed of two solid cellular core strips that are 1/8” thick. Where the two strips cross it creates the ¼” total thickness we note on our website.

Home Improvement Projects with Permalatt Lattice

As a contractor you will be presented with a project that calls for the use of premium materials. Your client is very specific about the way the finished look of the project is to be. The client also prefers the quality and longevity of the completed project to be exceptional. While they want all of…

How to Use DuraShell® Lattice in Interior Projects

As a contractor you have many opportunities to be creative with the vision your client is trying to make a reality in their project. There are a few clients who know exactly how they want the end result to look and can explain it to you. Then there are the clients who have the idea in…

5 Ways to Care For and Clean Vinyl Lattice

Ok, so you’ve been enjoying your vinyl lattice for a while now. It turned out perfect for your project and you love the look of it. Most vinyl lattice is maintenance free. However there are a few things you may want to do to keep your lattice in good condition.