5 Ways to Care For and Clean Vinyl Lattice

5 Ways to Care For and Clean Vinyl Lattice

Ok, so you’ve been enjoying your vinyl lattice for a while now. It turned out perfect for your project and you love the look of it. Most vinyl lattice is maintenance free. However there are a few things you may want to do to keep your lattice in good condition.

Prevent Scratches

If you have included vinyl lattice for your deck skirting, and the grass is directly against the lattice, be careful to prevent scratches or rub marks as you mow or use a weed eater along the lattice edge. Some scratches can be removed with a small amount of lacquer thinner and elbow grease. Simply dap a bit of lacquer thinner on a clean rag and buff at the affected area.   But keep in mind the weed eater can possibly scratch the lattice leaving marks that you will not be able to remove. The same with a mover deck that digs into the side of the lattice panel. Or, if the mower throws a rock, it could also cause a dent in the vinyl lattice sheet. The only way to fix any of these permanent scars will be to replace the vinyl lattice sheet.

So as you’re maintaining the yard around the lattice be conscious of how these mishaps can affect your vinyl lattice.

5 Ways to Care For and Clean Vinyl Lattice

Prune Climbing Vines

If you have used vinyl lattice for climbing vines on your arbor or lattice screen, consider the weight of the vines as they mature. While the structure may be sound and the vinyl lattice you used considered heavy duty there are still limitations to how much weight each can hold. Plants and vines should be pruned to maintain healthy growth. By removing the unproductive and dead stems you will add to the beauty of your plants as well as ensure a long life for your vinyl lattice.

5 Ways to Care For and Clean Vinyl Lattice

Remove greasy residue

When using your lattice in an outdoor kitchen you’ll need to consider the residue that will build up while cooking. Just as your indoor kitchen, the area behind the stove or grill could have a bit of grease and smoke that clings to the area behind it. If you leave the residue on your vinyl lattice, it could discolor it over time.

To clean vinyl lattice in this area, use very warm water and a mild detergent. Using a soft cloth dipped in the soapy water scrub the lattice. You may want to put the soapy water solution into a spray bottle to target the problem areas of the lattice. You can also use a soft brush to clean the vinyl lattice sheet. If your brush is to stiff you could scratch the lattice, so check the bristles before proceeding. After the lattice is cleaned, you can use a hose to rinse the lattice. You can either let the lattice air dry or use a soft towel to wipe the cleaned area down.

5 Ways to Care For and Clean Vinyl Lattice

Remove dust

Not everyone has vinyl lattice in an interior room or space.

But if you do, simply remove the dust to keep the lattice looking great. Dust does not harm the lattice, but just like any vinyl window blind, dust will collect on it. Use your trusty feather duster to keep the vinyl lattice from dust build-up that will gather along the slats. If you find more that dust on your vinyl lattice, you can use a damp soapy soft cloth to clean it.

5 Ways to Care For and Clean Vinyl Lattice

Clean regularly

It’s best to keep dirt and stains from becoming a major issue and difficult to remove from your vinyl lattice. Clean vinyl lattice regularly to keep the like new look. Once or twice a year should be more than enough to keep things under control. Usually just spraying the vinyl lattice with a hose should be sufficient. If you find the hose is not quite cutting it, use warm water and dish soap. Moisten and old cloth or towel and wipe the vinyl lattice. A non-abrasive scrubber can be used if you have a stubborn stain. Once you have the lattice clean, rinse with the hose.

The really tough stain

If you have a tough stain to remove, you can use 1 part bleach to 5 parts water. If you have a darker color lattice, consider using a weaker mixture. If nothing seems to work on the stain, you can use xylene on most vinyl lattices. Moisten a soft cloth with the liquid and scrub the surface vigorously. Rinse completely with water.

We suggest you test a small hidden area before using any cleaning product to ensure it will not discolor or damage your vinyl lattice.

Just one last reminder:

To prevent scratches and discoloration, make sure you do not use abrasive cleaners or rigid materials on your lattice panel. If you decide to use a store bought cleaner, please make sure it won’t compromise the integrity of your vinyl lattice. In most cases, an environmentally safe cleaner will work well.

The cleaning and care for your vinyl lattice are done. Sit back, relax, and enjoy life!

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