Five Ways to Enhance Outdoor Wedding Décor


Five Ways to Enhance Your Outdoor Wedding Decor

The date has been set. The time and place are all planned. You’ve decided it’s going to be an outdoor wedding and reception. An outdoor wedding can be the perfect place for the bride and groom to say “I do”. The reception will be the gathering place for loved ones and dearest friends. The outdoor concept can range in size from small to large and the décor from just a few tables to a large tent affair. No matter if the happy affair is in your own back yard or a park, you can make it beautiful. Now let the planning for the outdoor wedding decor begin.

Even a stunning location often needs a little something extra when it comes to getting ready for a wedding and reception. Vinyl lattice can serve many functions at a wedding and reception. The vinyl lattice will offer a number of options that can blend in to make the area inviting, or stand out to add an elegant touch in any outdoor wedding event.

Five Ways to Enhance Your Outdoor Wedding Decor

Use a trellis for the entry way

A lattice trellis guides the guest down the path to the seating area for the wedding ceremony. You may even consider using several arbors for the isle to create a beautiful walkway for the bride. Or include a trellis at the front of the ceremony area where the minister and the couple will be while the vows are being said. The vinyl lattice will brighten the background of any outdoor location. Weave tulle or fabric matching the wedding colors into the lattice. Then insert flowers to give an added touch of elegance. Consider adding lights to give a twinkling effect for an evening ceremony.

Five Ways to Enhance Your Outdoor Wedding Decor

Lattice Screen

A lattice screen is great for hiding anything that could clash with the desired décor for the look of your outdoor wedding. The lattice screen can also be used as a divider to separate the wedding area from the reception area. Or the screen can be used to create a cohesive look for both events. Use the same colors, types of fabrics and theme to tie areas together. Add a solid colored curtain panel behind the screen to add a subtle background color if desired.

 Five Ways to Enhance Your Outdoor Wedding Decor


Add a lattice back drop behind the cake table to create a stunning place to take pictures while cutting the cake. Use color coordinating tulle to wrap lights and drape across the front side of the lattice. Use cable ties to secure the lighting and tulle to create any desired look. Add a bouquet to the upper center of each panel with large bows and ribbons to create a more festive mood.

Five Ways to Enhance Your Outdoor Wedding Decor


Use lattice as a backdrop for the wedding party table as well as the behind the buffet to achieve a unified look and focal point for the reception area. Wrap ribbons garlands, flowers, even feather boas to create an eye catching scene. You can also make a memory board with pictures, starting with baby pictures going through the engagement to create a great conversation piece. Use hand-lettered caption cards next to each picture to tell the story of the couple’s journey to each other.

Five Ways to Enhance Your Outdoor Wedding Decor


If you are fortunate to have a pergola on the property hosting your wedding or reception, you have unlimited ways to beautify this area for the ceremony. While the vinyl pergola will certainly offer sophistication and grace as is, give it your personal touch. Add natural flower garlands and ribbons along the top and streaming down the post. Drape fabric to create a curtain along one side to designate a frontal location for the ceremony. Or hang the fabric from the roof slats with a gentle slope to establish a dramatic effect.

In any of your wedding décor, select simple texture fabrics and props so you don’t direct all the focus on the decorations. Your decorations are merely in place to create an appropriate vision for the main attraction; the bride and groom.

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