Using Vinyl Lattice to Raise Curb Appeal

When landscaping your yard, don’t forget the area where your mailbox is located. This will add true curb appeal to your front yard. There are no limits on what you can do with the area around your mailbox. You can do something on a small scale or a large scale. Either way, don’t forget, if…

It’s Time to Landscape

The lattice was just added to the fence surrounding your private area. Out with the old wood lattice and in with the new maintenance free vinyl lattice. Now the next step is rejuvenating the landscaping for this season. What all will that entail?

Merry Christmas from Permalatt Products, Inc.

We at Permalatt Products, Inc. want to take this time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Preparing for the holidays with all the hustle and bustle can wear a person down. So we won’t go into any lattice details today. Instead, we will share a few pictures of…

Privacy Screens and Fences

We all want a place where we feel secure to peacefully relax. We want to feel comfortable and not exposed in our outdoor spaces. However, we don’t necessarily want to feel closed in or totally secluded while we obtain our privacy. What would you think about a way to provide privacy for your property and…

Unique Ways to use Lattice

As a lattice manufacturer, Permalatt Products, Inc. has sold lattice for all of the typical uses … fencing, gazebos, pergolas, deck skirting and even privacy screens. These are the most common projects we see where we see our lattice used. With that being said, we’ve also experienced projects that are not so typical.

Vinyl Lattice Installation

There are several types of vinyl lattice you can use for your projects. With that in mind, there can also be different ways to install the lattice.

Lattice Ideas For Under The Deck

Lattice is the number one choice for homeowners when it comes to how they enclose the underside of their deck. Aside from the fact that lattice is the most cost effective choice available, it also allows the much needed airflow in the area.

Creative Lattice Ideas For your Deck

Deck styles and decking materials have evolved from the original wooden deck boards, railings, and stairs to an ultimate design experience. We now have options of numerous hardwoods, composite, and even cellular PVC for the deck boards and stairs to choose from while creating these elaborate decks.

How to Use Permalatt Lattice as Privacy Fencing

  A fence is a barrier, railing or upright structure that encloses an area to mark a boundary, control access or prevent escape. So as most of us think about fencing, we think along the lines of something solid, somewhat plain and something that could create a completely enclosed area. Now, let’s think along the…

How to Use DuraShell® Lattice in Interior Projects

As a contractor you have many opportunities to be creative with the vision your client is trying to make a reality in their project. There are a few clients who know exactly how they want the end result to look and can explain it to you. Then there are the clients who have the idea in…