Lattice Ideas For Under The Deck

Lattice Ideas For Under The Deck

Lattice is the number one choice for homeowners when it comes to how they enclose the underside of their deck.

Aside from the fact that lattice is the most cost effective choice available, it also allows the much needed airflow in the area.

The airflow will eliminate the chance of mold and moisture build up beneath the deck. The lattice can also keep leaves from blowing and gathering under the deck area. Let’s face it, this area can be hard to maintain.

The lattice can also keep animals from moving in and causing havoc under this space. There are also cosmetic reasons for using lattice under the deck.

Let’s take a look at a few ideas for lattice below your deck:

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Consider including a lattice door that will give you access beneath your deck for a new storage area.

You can add any size door to the area but remember to consider the location of the deck post. Now not only will you have a nice look, but you have conquered the lack of storage issue for your outdoor items.

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An upper level deck does not need to appear bare at the lower section. Incorporate the lattice sheets with the stairs and around the exposed areas to accomplish a unique look that ties the area together.

Leaving a large opening allows you a space that can be turned into either storage or better yet an additional outdoor room. Incorporate landscaping and now you have a beautiful focal point.

Lattice Ideas for Under the Deck 4

You can choose several ways to install the lattice below your deck. Either a framed lattice sheet look, a continuous lattice sheet look, post exposed or post hidden look.

Each of these installation processes will give you a different look for your lattice beneath the deck. Want to see more options?  Check out for some under-the-deck inspiration!

There is not a set in stone way lattice must be added to your deck. It’s all about the look you want.

Lattice Ideas for Under the Deck 4
Blending a framed lattice sheet with brick supports gives a clean crisp look to any deck bottom. You can also add stone columns around the bottom deck post and bring the lattice sheet right up to each column to achieve a formal looking deck.

Lattice Ideas for Under the Deck 4
Remember, you can mix colors for your deck and lattice ideas. Contrasting colors of lattice and railing can make the deck area pop as well as enhance the rest of the home.

With lattice, you can choose either a square or diagonal opening to create any design you can imagine. Lattice will enhance the look of your entire deck area.

Permalatt Products, Inc. manufactures the DuraShell® solid cellular core lattice. We offer opening sizes of 1” square, 1” diagonal, 1-7/8” diagonal, 2” square, 2-3/4” diagonal and 3” diagonal.

That’s six opening sizes, not just “privacy or standard”. Our standard sheet sizes are 12” x 6’ or 8’, 16” x 6’ or 8’, 4’ x 6’ and 4’ x 8’. Yes, six sheet sizes are available as well.

Don’t see the sheet size you need? We are capable of manufacturing custom sheet sizes for your convenience. We offer U-channel to frame or guide the lattice sheet as well as an H-channel to connect the lattice sheets in your project.

We invite you to continue browsing our Facebook page and peruse our website. You will see many other ways to use the Decorative 3D and DuraShell® lattice.

Don’t forget to request a sample kit online or contact us with any questions or to receive a free quote for your current project.