Garden Lattice Ideas

Garden Lattice Ideas

When you hear the term “garden lattice” what exactly does that mean?
Actually there are two ideas of what it garden lattice can mean.

In the world of lattice sales, it is not uncommon to refer to a lattice with a large opening in either the diagonal or square pattern, as garden lattice. The most common opening size considered as garden lattice is the 2-3/4”.

Then if you search the web using the term garden lattice, all of the information that is listed seems to be regarding lattice used in gardens. Vegetable gardens, flower gardens, planter boxes, garden lattice trellis, etc. The thing is this, the better part of the lattice you see in the ads and articles are the large opening lattice, thus garden lattice.

Here are a few ideas of how you can use garden lattice.


garden-wall-screening-GARDEN LATTICE IDEAS
You can use the garden lattice in a screen or divider type project. Usually when you think of a lattice screen, you visualize a small opening that provides privacy. If you use a large opening lattice that is centered in the garden, aligns a pathway, or adds a screen type barrier, you will add an elegant focal point to your garden area. It will create some privacy as well as provide a place for your vines to climb.


Plant support structures such as lattice trellises have been used in gardens for years and years. A trellis is a free-standing structure made by attaching lattice panels to posts anchored in the ground. You can create a living wall as the vines and plants climb on the lattice panels and go up and around the trellis frame. The trellis is an attractive way to display a large variety of climbing plants and flowers.


garden lattice ideas arbor
Using garden lattice on an arbor will allow beautiful and natural creativity from a flowering plant. An arbor provides the perfect backdrop in any season, but as the vines and flowers bloom they will enhance the view for your garden area.

Planter Box:

garden lattice ideas planter box

Using garden lattice as the extended back to a planter box can give you a custom look to your home.

Now, do you want to see where else you can use garden lattice?
How about this? Use it as an interior design.


garden lattice ideas

As you can see the large opening, garden lattice, looks great as a wall covering.
This idea can open up an unlimited amount of possibilities for garden lattice.
Please consider however that when you choose to use lattice as an interior fixture, you will want to check the ASTM fire ratings.

Permalatt Products, Inc. manufactures garden lattice in the opening sizes of 2-3/4” and 3” diagonal and even in a 2” square. Our high quality, premium lattice will provide a maintenance free product for your outdoor and indoor projects.

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