Backyard Designs

Aluminum Lattice for Grape Growers

Aluminum lattice for grape growers, as parallel to a rotary phase converter for a prospero destemmer, or insurance for a toter truck driver. These are things that you do not want to buy, but part of the grape growing and processing business even a small-time winery needs to learn about and invest in. Every grower…

There’s Still Time To Enjoy Your Outdoor Spaces

As summer winds down into the fall season, there is still time to enjoy your outdoor living spaces.  As the days seem shorter and the temperatures are a little cooler why not make just a few changes to embrace the autumn season?

Using Vinyl Lattice to Raise Curb Appeal

When landscaping your yard, don’t forget the area where your mailbox is located. This will add true curb appeal to your front yard. There are no limits on what you can do with the area around your mailbox. You can do something on a small scale or a large scale. Either way, don’t forget, if…

It’s Time to Landscape

The lattice was just added to the fence surrounding your private area. Out with the old wood lattice and in with the new maintenance free vinyl lattice. Now the next step is rejuvenating the landscaping for this season. What all will that entail?

Vinyl Lattice Privacy Fence: Before and After

Do you remember back when living in the city meant no privacy? Neighbors were literally next door and could see everything that went on in the backyard of every home on the block. I’m not saying that was or is a bad thing. However now it seems most of us prefer to have privacy in…

Project Ideas Using DuraShell® Vinyl Lattice

  Want to see what others are doing with our DuraShell® solid core vinyl lattice?  Take a look at some project ideas using DuraShell vinyl lattice. By adding lattice sheets to the back side of the wall on the lower deck, this customer added a great backdrop for their dock area.