Project Ideas Using DuraShell® Vinyl Lattice

  Want to see what others are doing with our DuraShell® solid core vinyl lattice?  Take a look at some project ideas using DuraShell vinyl lattice. By adding lattice sheets to the back side of the wall on the lower deck, this customer added a great backdrop for their dock area.

Small Back Yard Ideas

Are you someone with a small back yard and at a loss of how to enhance this area? While the DIY shows are great, they tend to offer great ideas for larger areas. But rest assured you can make a small space functional and inviting. No matter the size of your back yard, there are…

Lattice for Growing Vegetables

It’s almost time to start planning your garden!  The short, cold winter days are giving way to the increased sunshine and warmer temperatures.  Whew, finally!

Ways To Use Lattice For A Garden

Today, there are many types of gardens. The most common types of gardens are flower gardens and the traditional vegetable garden. Each garden type takes planning, dedication, and time to keep it productive and healthy.

Enhancing an Arbor with Lattice

Arbors serve both a decorative and practical purpose in your outdoor area. An arbor can easily make any garden or walkway stand out and not get lost in the mix of your other landscape. So no matter how plain you may feel the property is now, it can be made into an extraordinary area by…

Five Ways to Enhance Outdoor Wedding Décor

  The date has been set. The time and place are all planned. You’ve decided it’s going to be an outdoor wedding and reception. An outdoor wedding can be the perfect place for the bride and groom to say “I do”. The reception will be the gathering place for loved ones and dearest friends. The…

Grape Arbor Solutions with Vinyl Lattice

Grape arbors have been used for centuries.You’ll find these arbors in vineyards and residential gardens. The grape vines growing over and through an arbor have the benefit of providing attractive landscaping for the homeowner. Of course, it provides delightful juicy grapes as well. In the peak season of the grape vines, you’ll enjoy the pleasant…

Wood vs. Vinyl Gazebo – Which Is Better?

Gazebos have become very popular with homeowners. With jobs and stressful lifestyles, a place to relax or a comfortable place to entertain has become important. There are sometimes when you just feel like being at home to escape or to enjoy the company of friends. With a Gazebo, you can do all of the above….

Design Ideas for Permalatt Vinyl Lattice

We thought it would be fun to show you a few of the places Permalatt’s DuraShell® lattice has been used.  This may spark new design ideas you can create in your own outdoor living space. Enjoy!

Pergola Design Ideas: Add Style & Beauty

Although it seems the terms trellises, arbors and pergolas are used to describe the same type of structure, they are actually each different.  A trellis is a lattice work built to support climbing plants or vines.  An arbor usually creates a tunnel type of passageway.  Pergolas are simply posts that support a roof like structure…