Wood vs. Vinyl Gazebo – Which Is Better?

Wood vs. Vinyl Gazebo Which Is Better-

Gazebos have become very popular with homeowners.

With jobs and stressful lifestyles, a place to relax or a comfortable place to entertain has become important. There are sometimes when you just feel like being at home to escape or to enjoy the company of friends. With a Gazebo, you can do all of the above. Gazebos are an elegant and attractive option for any landscape.

There seems to be a continuing question regarding wood vs. vinyl gazebos, which one is better? Maybe the question should be “What is better for you?” I already know which one I prefer, but it’s something you really need to decide for yourself.

Vinyl vs. Wood Gazebo

There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of gazebos. Here are a few things that can help you decide what you want.

wooden gazebo

Wood Gazebo

A wooden gazebo is the “traditional” style. If you love the natural wood look, this is the way to go. Some feel wood complements any setting outside or inside. Some just like the feel and overall atmosphere wood gives off. Wood gazebos can be both classy and rustic, and offer an authentic charm that benefits any landscape.

The plus side: There are many wood types you can use. From exotic woods, like white cedar or redwood, or the typical treated lumber, you have several options. If you get tired of the color, you can easily change it with stains and paints. With wood, you have more options for spindles and post styles and shapes. Another plus, depending on the wood type you choose, the initial cost of a wooden gazebo is less than a vinyl one.

A negative note: Wood is high maintenance. A wooden gazebo will need to be cleaned, stained, and treated to keep it in good condition. Because it’s a natural product, wood will become uneven in its appearance. Some woods are naturally resistant to insects. However most attract termites and other insects. Wood will hold moisture creating fungus and rot.


Vinyl Gazebo

The vinyl gazebo puts a modern twist on an old favorite. Vinyl offers a more uniform appearance throughout the structure. It offers crisp, clean lines and a classic look. It will keep a “new” look for many, many years. Some people like the attractive look of vinyl. Some prefer the lifetime warranty that comes with a vinyl gazebo.

The plus side: A vinyl gazebo is made to withstand all weather conditions. Vinyl gazebos stay nice for a very long time without requiring a lot of maintenance. You will not need to stain, paint or seal a vinyl gazebo. Vinyl offers a worry-free attitude because it is rot resistant. No worries about termites. Vinyl does not rot.

A negative note:  Vinyl doesn’t offer the choice of colors that wood does. Also, the choice of spindles and post styles can be somewhat limited. The initial cost of a vinyl gazebo is higher than a wood one.

With the positives and negatives listed above, you may have a better idea of which one will work best for you.

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