Grape Arbor Solutions with Vinyl Lattice

Grape Arbor Solutions with Vinyl Lattice

Grape arbors have been used for centuries.You’ll find these arbors in vineyards and residential gardens. The grape vines growing over and through an arbor have the benefit of providing attractive landscaping for the homeowner.

Of course, it provides delightful juicy grapes as well. In the peak season of the grape vines, you’ll enjoy the pleasant shaded area it creates. A grape arbor can also serve as a passageway to a garden or patio area on your property.

An important thing to consider before building your grape arbor is the location of the arbor. Grapevines require direct sunlight and soil that drains well in order to grow.

For grape vines to grow properly, they need an appropriate supporting structure. The arbor needs to be stout enough to bear the weight of the mature vines and grapes. With season after season needed to get your vines to the desired maturity and productivity, you don’t want the arbor to deteriorate.

So now let’s think about the actual material you’ll use to construct the grape arbor. Grape arbors are commonly built of wood, but they can be constructed of vinyl lattice also.

If you know vinyl, you know it’s maintenance free. The durability of vinyl will exceed that of most wood products. Therefore, we recommend a vinyl structure with the lattice accents.

Grape Arbor Solutions with Vinyl LatticeA vinyl arbor with vinyl lattice sides will increase the area for guiding the grape vine along the sides of the structure to the trellis top. The lattice sides will help distribute the weight of the vine.

Lattice accented sides will also give you easy access for maintaining the vine and picking the grapes. The vines growing through the lattice sides will be stunning to look at also.

The vines go through four season cycles. In the spring, the vines wake from their rest. The vines grow rapidly in the summer. The precious fruit comes in the fall and in the winter the vines become dormant.

Yes, the matured grape vines and juicy grapes make the arbor look spectacular in peak season, but what does the arbor look like in the “off” season? Consider the look of your property during each of these seasons and imagine what the grape arbor will look like, with and without the leafy vines.

Why not enjoy the beauty of an arbor throughout the entire year? Arbors with an appealing look introduce a more formal tone to your garden. Vinyl lattice on the arbor will add a classic look to the arbor that not only host the vines, but draws the eye to its beauty.

By choosing a vinyl arbor with lattice, you eliminate the worry of your arbor looking less than desirable in the dormant season of the vines. With a vinyl arbor and lattice structure, there will not be any need to allow for additional time to maintain the arbor itself. You can simply go out prune the vines and pick the grapes.

Permalatt Products, Inc. manufactures the top of line vinyl lattice. As a solid cellular core product, there is no concern of warping, expanding or contracting of the lattice sheet. These attributes truly create a maintenance free product that will last a lifetime.

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