Accessories for your Vinyl Lattice

As you’re getting ready to start your lattice project and making your materials list, don’t forget the little things that mean a lot. Like the accessories. Things like stainless steel screws, gate hinges, and channels. Now we realize not every project will call for screws, hinges or channel but any project goes better if you…

Permalatt’s Custom and Standard Size Vinyl Lattice

As the manufacturer of the DuraShell® and Decorative 3D lattice, Permalatt Products, Inc. has the opportunity to provide what we call our standard sheet size lattice as well as custom sheet size lattice.  We can even manufacture custom opening sizes in our square lattice.

Tips for Decorating your Lattice

Yes! You can add things to decorate the lattice on your fence, privacy screen or anywhere else you have it. Lattice is used most often in outdoor projects like deck skirting, trellises, privacy screens or fencing. However now you can also find it in entryways, kitchens, bathrooms, craft rooms and even in the bedroom. No…

Enhancing Your Trellis with Vinyl Lattice

A trellis is a structure made with framework and lattice intersecting the frame. The purpose of a trellis is to support and display climbing plants and flowers. Additionally, your trellis can be used as an accent or decorative piece in a garden or yard area.

Choosing a Colored Vinyl Lattice

Got a project you want to use lattice in? Have you considered what color you will use? The most common color for vinyl lattice is white. However, you are not limited to just white. There are great color options for your lattice project.

Project Ideas Using DuraShell® Vinyl Lattice

  Want to see what others are doing with our DuraShell® solid core vinyl lattice?  Take a look at some project ideas using DuraShell vinyl lattice. By adding lattice sheets to the back side of the wall on the lower deck, this customer added a great backdrop for their dock area.

Wonderful Deck Skirting Ideas to Use for Your Home

What is deck skirting exactly? Deck skirting is a material attached to support post and boards below a deck. Deck skirting is used on elevated decks to conceal what is between the deck and the ground and as a base.

Using Vinyl Lattice for Outdoor Privacy Panels

Do you have a spot on the property that needs some added outdoor privacy? How in the world are you going to accomplish that without a major demo and rebuild project? Or maybe you don’t have an existing private spot and want to add one. We have the solution. Incorporate vinyl lattice privacy panels.

Using Vinyl Lattice for Mobile Home Skirting

Most mobile home owners use skirting for the space between the ground and the bottom of the home. Installing skirting is also a way to complete and improve the look of the mobile home. The skirting will hide the structural elements and foundation system. Mobile home skirting not only enhances the look of a mobile…