Frequently Asked Questions About Permalatt’s Vinyl Lattice

Frequently Asked Questions About Permalatt's Vinyl Lattice

We thought we might share frequently asked questions about Permalatt’s vinyl lattice specifically our DuraShell® and Decorative 3D lattice products.

1.  What type of maintenance is involved with your vinyl lattice?

Vinyl lattice is an excellent product that can be maintenance free. If you use the DuraShell® or Decorative 3D lattice you can look forward to a long lasting product that is fade resistant, will not rot, is insect proof and is dimensionally stable.

So what does all of that mean? Fade resistant means the color will remain, rot resistant means no replacing deteriorated pieces, insect resistant means no treatment is necessary and dimensionally stable means it won’t warp or expand. This means, there will be no need to re-attach the lattice to post or rails to smooth out the waves.

Now the best thing about being maintenance free is if the vinyl lattice gets dusty or dirty, simply use a garden hose and rinse it off. While vinyl lattice is mildew resistant, mildew will attach to dirt if the dirt is not rinsed off the lattice.

2.  How often should the vinyl lattice be cleaned?

Rinse your lattice often to remove the surface dirt, pollen, and grime easily. If by chance you do get a stubborn stain on the vinyl lattice, you can use soapy water and a soft brush to remove it.

3. Can the DuraShell® and Decorative 3D lattice be painted?

If you paint our lattice the warranty is void. Why? We cannot warranty our lattice product if it has been altered by paint, applied heat, welding, solvent, and epoxies. Don’t forget, the DuraShell® lattice has a scuff and scratch resistant coating on it. Paints may not adhere to the surface well and will begin to peel.

Do you have other questions? Reach out to us and let us know what your questions are. We are always happy to help! You can contact us at 888-457-4342 or through the website at