Public Venues that Use Lattice

The place for your get together has been determined, and everyone is anxious to meet. Do you think you’ll even notice what the facility looks like? Or will you be totally focused on everything else?

Commercial Buildings Using Lattice

Vinyl lattice is a versatile product that can be used in many projects. As a business owner, you may be considering the outside appearance of your property and building.

Uses For Lattice For Horses And Other Pets

Lattice can be used for many types of projects. It is not limited to fencing, decking, pergolas, or arbors. We have a few ideas and options for lattice that will help you with many of your animals. Take a look at the uses we’ve shared and let your imagination create the perfect lattice project for…

How to Beautify an Ugly AC Unit Using Permalatt Lattice

So you’ve completed the exterior project your customer wanted done. Now they notice they have this ugly ac unit right in the middle of it. What an eyesore. How can you hide such a thing and still accomplish a creative look for the client? There is a way to conceal the unit that also enhances…

Permalatt Vinyl Lattice vs. Big Box Store Lattice

You’re no longer limited to just one type of lattice if you want to buy a vinyl product. Of course the old choice was to go to the place that offers everything from cleaners and tools to lattice, alias the big box store.

Five Commercial Uses for Vinyl Lattice

Do you want your place of business to stand out from the rest? Are you tired of the same ole same ole landscaping look, or the lack there of? Include vinyl lattice in your area and see what a difference it can make. From the rooftop to the parking lot there are unique options to…