Permalatt Vinyl Lattice vs. Big Box Store Lattice

Permalatt Vinyl Lattice vs.  Big Box Store Lattice

You’re no longer limited to just one type of lattice if you want to buy a vinyl product. Of course the old choice was to go to the place that offers everything from cleaners and tools to lattice, alias the big box store.

Times have changed! Now, the place that should be your first choice for vinyl lattice is Permalatt Products, Inc. who is the manufacturer of the DuraShell® vinyl lattice. DuraShell® is a high quality premium lattice that can be used in any project.

Let’s compare the two;

Big Box Store lattice

Most all of us have seen the lattice you find at the big box store. Just like all the other products that the big box stores offer, they are not the manufacturer. This means big box stores are limited and can only sell what the manufacturer offers to them.

The lattice you find there is a molded lattice that is pressed with a woodgrain texture. This type of lattice most often is comes in a flat lattice sheet or as a lattice that has a 3D look to it.

It is commonly offered in sheet sizes of 4’x 8’and 2’x 8’. The opening sizes available are referred to as privacy and standard.


Flat molded lattice




3D Molded Lattice

With the big box store lattice the finished product is one continuous piece. Even if the plastic lattice has a 3-D look to it, it really is a solid piece of material.

The plastic lattice is usually .15 inches thick, but can be up to .25 inches. Being a continuous sheet, plastic lattice will expand and contract with temperature changes.

This means when installing the lattice you will need to leave a gap on all sides of the lattice for thermal movement. Without this gap the lattice sheet could warp. The cold can also affect the integrity of the sheet.

You will also need to consider the gaps left by the retraction of the sheet. Cold temperatures can cause the sheet to crack and break at the places where it is nailed or screwed.

You may notice that with the HDPE, or plastic lattice from the big box store, that mold and mildew can grow on and in the textured surface. In order to keep it looking nice, you will need to clean it regularly.

With the continuous cleaning, and warping and cracking issue necessitating replacement, you do not have maintenance free vinyl lattice.

Permalatt Products, Inc. Vinyl Lattice

We are the manufacturer! DuraShell® solid core lattice is manufactured strip over strip. It is not molded or pressed.

Our propriety manufacturing process creates a true 3 dimensional lattice. All of our strips have a smooth surface with a scuff and scratch resistant coating.

The DuraShell® is a total thickness of ½”. This total thickness is achieved where each of the ¼” thick strips cross in the pattern. We offer opening sizes of 1” square, 1” diagonal, 1-7/8” diagonal, 2” square, 2-3/4” diagonal and 3” diagonal.

That’s six opening sizes, not just “privacy or standard”.

Our standard sheet sizes are 12” x 6’ or 8’, 16” x 6’ or 8’, 4’ x 6’ and 4’ x 8’. Yes, six sheet sizes are available as well. Don’t see the size you need? We are capable of manufacturing custom sheet sizes for your convenience.

We offer U-channel to frame or guide the lattice sheet as well as an H-channel to connect the lattice sheets in your project.

Our premium vinyl strips used to create our lattice meet several ASTM ratings. The DuraShell® lattice is fade resistant in all of our colors including our Snow white. It is resistant to insects, mold & mildew.

The DuraShell® lattice will cut just like wood. DuraShell® does not rot, peel, splinter, become brittle or chip.

DuraShell® offers excellent weather ability. With the strip over strip construction, you will not have the expansion and contraction you see with a solid lattice sheet.

The lattice sheet is dimensionally stable. Therefore it will not warp. No need allow for additional room for our lattice sheet to expand. No need to worry over retraction of the sheet either.

You can easily nail or screw through the lattice and not be concerned with the possibility of damage where the lattice sheet is secured. Yes, the DuraShell® lattice is truly maintenance free.

If it gets dusty or dirty, simply spray it down with water and you’re done.


1” square lattice is a privacy lattice. We also offer a 1” diagonal opening for a privacy lattice.

The 1-7/8” diagonal DuraShell® lattice

DuraShell® lattice is a niche product manufactured by Permalatt Products, Inc. and is not available in the big box stores. We manufacture a high quality premium vinyl lattice that is easy to cut and install.

DuraShell® lattice is “Made in the USA” by skilled craftspeople. Permalatt Products, Inc. meets and exceeds all of a standard vinyl lattice quality. DuraShell® lattice is the best choice hands down.

The DuraShell® lattice is truly 2nd to none.

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