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It’s a good idea to check the warranty of a lattice product before you purchase it. It’s not that we expect things to be faulty when we buy them, it’s just that it’s good to know what we can expect should something happen. Heads up- not all lattice warranties are the same. It should be easy to find and understand the warranty for any lattice product. Be leery of any lattice product that does not give you access to a warranty. Also, some of the lattice products have the same manufacturer but are offered through different suppliers. Then there are the companies whose website talks about the length of the warranty but doesn’t give you any other information. Hmmmmm, I wonder why?

Is the Warranty Transferable?

The lattice warranties we reviewed all cover defects in material and manufacturing workmanship as they should. Some of the warranties are transferable, and some are not. Meaning, if you are not the purchaser of the lattice product, the warranty may be void. This may not be a concern for you. However, if you a purchasing a place with lattice installed somewhere on the property, this may be a concern for you.

Does the warranty mention normal product characteristics?

When you read the warranty, you may also gain information regarding what to expect from the lattice over time. Things like “expect some fading of color”, or “product will expand and contract with temperature changes” tells you right up front that these characteristics apply to the specified lattice product. This type of information is something you want to consider when choosing the type of lattice you want to use for your project. This information noted on the warranty can help you avoid unpleasant issues after the installation of the lattice.

What to do if you have a claim?

Another thing to consider is most warranties state that if you should have a claim, you will need proof of purchase. Yeah, you have to hold on to the Sales receipt as long as the warranty is in effect for the lattice product. Most warranty terms also state that the claim must be filed within a certain number of days after the “defect” occurs.

Is the warranty easy to understand?

Some Warranties are easy to get lost in when it comes to the explanations and limitations of liability. Take your time when reading the warranty. You may even find you have to read through some parts several times to get a full understanding of what exactly they are saying. However, it’s worth understanding the warranty before you purchase the lattice product.

At Permalatt Products, Inc. we have our warranty on our website for all to see. We want you to know exactly what the warranty is as well as what will void the warranty. If you read our warranty and have any questions, give us a call. We will answer any questions you may have. We are forthcoming with any information you need to help you make your decision on what to expect from our lattice. After all, we call it the lattice that last, and we want you to understand why.

Contact us today with any of your questions regarding our lattice products, installation or warranty. We are happy to help.