Use a Privacy Fence for a More Private Deck or Patio

Want to create outdoor space privacy, but not have a fortress look?

Need to create neighborly boundaries?

Perhaps you have a neighbor who has a view into your outdoor space. Or the new neighbor who wanted to expand his view, so he cleared all his trees and bushes, thus leaving you exposed. With these issues and homes being built closer together, a desire for privacy can be a top priority. We all want a place we feel secure and can relax peacefully.

Create Privacy with Style in Mind

There are many ways to create privacy for your deck and patio. Choose from lattice, fencing, a short wall design, and many more options. The atmosphere you wish to create will determine just how enclosed you want the area to be. Take time to consider your finished project to make sure you won’t feel closed in. Privacy does not have to mean secluded. It’s your space, enjoy it!

Provide privacy with a lattice screen

lattice privacy screen

A lattice screen behind a planter is one option for privacy on a deck or patio area. The screen provides a barrier and yet offers an open feeling for you. It’s a beautiful way to enhance your area, as well as block an unwanted view and keep the peeper’s guessing. If you desire more privacy, you can plant fast growing vines that climb the lattice to create a natural screen.

Privacy below your deck:

privacy below deck

The area below your deck can be renovated to an additional outdoor space when you enclose it with lattice. This creates complete privacy and offers an intimate setting. The lattice enclosure will allow natural light and light breezes. It’s a great place to entertain, finish that book you started or just get away from it all.

Use a vinyl fence with lattice to separate two areas:

privacy fence

The vinyl fence with a lattice topper, in addition to a cement planting area, adds the calmness of nature to an otherwise busy area. It provides a secret retreat for you and separates one area from another. Consider adding a fountain. The calming sound of the water can replace the traffic noise; disguise the air conditioning unit’s roar or the neighbor’s conversation.

Provide privacy with half walls:

privacy fence

Combine lattice and a half wall to create a privacy fence and limit exposure. You feel more comfortable while using your patio when your space is private and secure. The change in the pavement will distinguish one space from another and change the appearance of the area. Even though this area is closed in, the lattice portion gives you an open feeling while offering definite boundaries.

This is just a few options to achieve privacy for your patio or deck area. Permalatt DuraShell® lattice is a high-quality lattice that is maintenance free. In any of these projects, DuraShell® lattice will last a lifetime.

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