The Finishing Touches for your Landscape Project

Did you start with a hand drawn sketch of the area to landscape?

Have you considered things like how long the sun shines on the area during each season?

You’ve likely decided on the plants, flowers and bushes you want, and even considered the fact that the plants will be bigger every year and allowed adequate space in the design.

Do you still feel like something’s just not coming together?

Sometimes we concern ourselves with patios, and plant selections, but then, forget the transitions and connections of all areas. Or, you don’t know what to do, but don’t like the patchy grass that’s there now.  So, even leaving the space open, but defining the area a little, is better than doing nothing.

There are several ways you can complete the look of your landscaping.   A couple of options could be:

  • Add a walk way
  • Add an arbor to the area to bring it all together

If you’re looking to define the area without all the plants and such, there’s that option too. There are endless ways to finish your landscaping, no matter what the style, or size, of your area and home.  Yes, you can achieve the look you want!

landscape 1

Add a walkway to the design.

When landscaping, walkways often get overlooked. By ignoring paths, we neglect to consider how to connect the different spaces in our yard. Walkways often provide a landing spot and engage the eye.  This can be accomplished with many natural materials.  Include planters of all shapes and sizes with a variety of flowers and plants to add dimension and texture to the area.

Add colorful perennials, maybe even some ground covers along the sides of the walkway making it a passageway into a grand garden. An added flat stone walkway gives the area an inviting look.  While this section truly separates and offers a break in the larger area, it also catches the eye.  A focal point in a large area can break up the boredom.

landscape 2

Include an Arbor in your landscape design.

Adding an arbor to your landscape design can do beautiful things for your property.  Arbors typically mark an entrance, as well as direct visitors to another area.  They can also work with walkways to define the entry point. An Arbor can break up a narrow space and give it more appeal.

Place your arbor strategically to create a frame around a specific view which will also become a focal point for that area. An arbor can be used like a doorway that adds a “different room” approach. Good placement of the Arbor will complement a house and surrounding areas. An arbor also serves as a way to create dimension to the landscape.  It is also a great structure for climbing vines.

landscape 3

Think beyond sod for your landscaping.

Consider pea gravel to replace some lawn areas. Gravel is not limited to driveways, but it is much more versatile and can be combined in a variety of decorative projects. When done properly, removing the sod and making a gravel landscape, it becomes a maintenance free area.  All types of stone and gravel can make the landscape appear more natural. Besides complimenting the other colors in the area, it is a great ground cover.  The absence of grass will define this area.  The gravel keeps it from looking unfinished and will give you the option to add any décor in the future.

In addition to the suggestions we’ve mentioned, lattice can add a finishing touch to any design and be used as a great accent in all outdoor areas. Check out the premium lattice we manufacture.  The value of lattice is the design and durability, a two-fold punch that adds beautiful accents and also lasts without maintenance!