Prepare Your Lattice for Summer

Prepare Your Lattice for Summer!

The decision to use lattice in your outdoor area created the look you wanted and enhanced the beauty of your home.

Depending on the type of lattice you installed, you may have some maintenance to do in order extend the look and life of the product. Cleaning should be included in your maintenance program as well. With all the time and effort used to establish the perfect outdoor room or enclosure, no one wants to see it degrade over time and allow the poor condition to reduce the value of their home.

Here are a few tips for maintaining and preparing your lattice for the summer.

bad wood lattice

Wooden lattice:

To extend the life of the product, careful attention should be paid to the current condition of your wooden lattice. Are the laths loose or falling off? Is it dirty? Did the paint peel?

First things first, start by repairing any damage to the lattice panel. If the strips are loose, nail/secure the strip back in place. If the lath is broken, as shown in the picture above, you may need to replace that entire panel, or construct a lath that can be attached in its place.

Then you’ll need to clean the lattice. You will first need to remove the dirt with a pressure washer. Or you can use a brush and a solution of water and chlorine bleach to scrub the panel. After scrubbing the panel, rinse with fresh water to remove the residue. Allow the lattice to dry.

Scrape off any remaining loose paint and sand the wood to even the surface. This is an important step because it helps the pores of the wood to absorb the sealant, paint or stain.
Next you should use a quality primer to seal the wooden lattice. You should not try to stain or paint a raw wooden lattice without priming it first.

When you buy a sealer, get one that is a good quality and has high resin content. This will protect the wood longer. Now you are ready to “finish” the lattice with stain or paint. If you choose paint, purchase a good exterior paint in a semi-gloss finish.

You can brush, roll, or spray the paint on. If staining is your preference, look for a stain that has the longest manufacturer’s warranty, has a water repellent and a UV stabilizer. Avoid rainy days to stain or paint your lattice so there will be enough time for the lattice to dry completely.

durashell good lattice

Vinyl lattice:

Depending on the type of vinyl lattice you chose, it is usually low in maintenance and season preparation. This makes vinyl lattice one of the easiest things to keep on the property.

There will not be any sealing, painting or staining of the vinyl lattice so all we need to do is clean it. Periodic rinsing with a hose is typically all that’s needed to remove surface dirt and keep you lattice looking new.

If you find you have stubborn dirt, mold or mildew stains in certain areas of the lattice, you will need to treat and lightly scrub these areas. It is best to clean any stain as soon as it occurs, as it will get harder to remove the stain as time goes on. For the stubborn stain, you will need a hose, a spray bottle with a soapy water solution, and a soft brush.

The soap mixture can be made of a mild liquid detergent and water. Spray the cleaning solution on the affected area and use a soft brush to scrub the lattice panel. Start at the top and work your way down. Rinse with the hose and let the lattice air dry. If you have a stain that cannot be removed with the soapy solution, try oxygen bleach and water at a 2:1 ratio.

Before using the bleach solution follow the previous cleaning instructions first and proceed with the bleach solution in the same manner. Rinse the bleach solution thoroughly from the lattice. Repeat the soapy solution wash again and rinse. You can let the lattice air dry or wipe down with a towel if you prefer.

To prevent scratches and discoloration, make sure you do not use abrasive cleaners or rigid materials on your lattice panel. If you decide to use a store bought cleaner, please make sure it won’t compromise the integrity of your vinyl lattice. In most cases, an environmentally safe cleaner will work well.

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