How to Winterize Your Outdoor Kitchen

How to Winterize Your Outdoor Kitchen

Depending on where you live, the temperature is probably starting to decline and the hours of daylight are diminishing. That means it’s time to winterize your outdoor kitchen and appliances.

By preparing this outdoor area for the harsh winter weather you’re taking essential steps to avoid costly repairs that would otherwise await you next spring.

What does this have to do with our lattice? Well, as you can imagine, our lattice has been used in numerous outdoor kitchens. Whether it’s used to provide privacy or adding a decorative finishing touch to the project, our lattice is perfect for any outdoor kitchen. So, we thought it might be helpful to provide some information on how to successfully close your outdoor kitchen for the winter.

Here are a few easy tips for winterizing several items in an outdoor kitchen.

Waterlines and Plumbing

Close the water supply shut-off valve, open the drain valve and drain all water in the lines. Water left in any line may freeze, expand, and crack your pipes. As you’re draining your water lines, don’t forget the lines to the refrigerator and ice maker.

Forgetting this step could cost you in repairs to both the water line and the appliance. Also, make sure you leave the drain valve open all winter long to protect the line from freezing water.


After draining the water line to the sink, fully open the hot and cold taps and make sure the supply lines are drained. Thoroughly clean the sink and cover it securely to prevent debris from siting in the basin.

Ice Makers

Again, make sure the water line is drained and the valve left open. Remove any remaining ice from the maker, empty and clean the ice bin. Turn off the power and unplug the appliance.


Clean out all food items from the refrigerator and clean it with a mild soap and water. Wipe down the interior to remove any moisture. Switch the power off to the icemaker. Remove the front toe plate and vacuum any loose dirt and debris from underneath the refrigerator. Replace the toe plate. When the appliance is cleaned, turn the power off, and then unplug it as well.

Do not cover the ice maker or the refrigerator as moisture will accumulate underneath the cover and can damage the electrical parts.

Electrical Units

Turn off all electrical units when winterizing your outdoor kitchen. Do it through the circuit breaker or by unplugging each appliance individually.


Interior- It’s a good time to remove any food and liquids before the first freeze. Also remove any rust prone cooking equipment and store them indoors. In an outdoor kitchen, the inside of the cabinets will be just a damp and cold as the outside air.

Exterior- Depending on what type of cabinet you have in your outdoor kitchen, the way you winterize them will be different.

If you have stainless steel, apply a fresh coat of stainless steel polish. Any cabinet made from wood will need to be oiled or sealed to protect them from the moisture swings the winter weather brings.

Stone Countertops

Seal your stone countertop before the winter weather hits. This will help prevent cracks and chips caused by freezing moisture as well as keep leaf stains from damaging the surface.


Give the grill a thorough cleaning with a citrus-based degreaser. Follow with a stainless steel polish. Use a metal brush to clean areas that are hard to reach. Empty the clean out and clean the cooking grates.

You’ll want to re-season the cooking surfaces. Wipe vegetable oil on both sides of the cooking grates. Place the grates back in the grill and heat the grill to 500 degrees. Keep the hood closed and allow the grill to season for 20 minutes.

The cooking surface should be brown or black when they are seasoned. If you are not going to be using your grill during the winter months, shut off the gas. Remove the tank and store it in an area that is not prone to freezing. Cover your grill.

Putting an outdoor kitchen into proper condition for the winter requires a bit of work. However, this is an important process to gain many years of use. All of the time you take now preparing your great outdoor kitchen for it’s down time will pay off when you are ready to reopen and enjoy it next year.

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