Fasteners and Installation Methods for Permalatt Lattice

fasteners and installation methods for permalatt lattice-315

Two common questions we get are; what do we use to attach your lattice and what are the installation instructions? We realize there can be several ways to install and fasten our lattice as each project can be unique.

While we do not have printed installation instructions, we are always here to help by listening to your ideas and offering suggestions.

For example, if you ask what type of fastener/screw you should use, we would tell you a couple of things. First, we would tell you that you can use stainless steel screws, nails or even finishing nails. Obviously, we recommend stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about rust. Using a fastener that will rust can cause stains on your lattice and thus cleaning to keep it looking nice.

Second, we would tell you that no matter what type of fastener you use, you do not need to predrill oversized holes. You can just screw or nail through the lattice strip. And yes, with lattice manufactured by Permalatt Products, Inc. you can screw the lattice sheet flush to the surface. Why? Because our lattice products are dimensionally stable. No worries about expansion or warping.

Now when it comes to how to install our lattice, you get to decide. We do however have recommendations on a few things. The DuraShell® and Decorative 3D lattice should be supported every 4 feet.

fasteners and installation methods for permalatt lattice-1

Lattice attached directly to a post

fasteners and installation methods for permalatt lattice-2

Lattice installed using u-channel along rail and post.

You can either attach our lattice direct to post, frame or deck boards, or use
our u-channel to achieve the look you want for your project. If installing our lattice with a railing and post, you can either use a slotted rail that allows the lattice sheet to set within the rail or use our u-channel to frame the lattice sheet within the railing system.

fasteners and installation methods for permalatt lattice-3

Lattice installed in railing and post with slots

If you use the h-channel in your project, we suggest that the h-channel is also supported a minimum of 4’. You simply screw/nail right through the center of the h-channel to attach the lattice to the support post/beam.

Depending on your project we have several suggestions regarding fasteners and installation methods for our lattice that we are happy to share with you. After all, we want your finished project to be just as maintenance free as our DuraShell® and Decorative 3D lattices are. So we are happy to help any way we can.

Don’t forget, we offer free quotes for any of your lattice projects. Contact us today and we will be happy to send you a quote and answer any of your questions.