Accessories for your Vinyl Lattice

Accessories for your Vinyl Lattice

As you’re getting ready to start your lattice project and making your materials list, don’t forget the little things that mean a lot. Like the accessories. Things like stainless steel screws, gate hinges, and channels. Now we realize not every project will call for screws, hinges or channel but any project goes better if you have everything you need to get the job completed smoothly.

At Permalatt Products, Inc. we offer two accessories that can help you with your lattice project. We have the U-channel for both the DuraShell® and Decorative 3D lattice and the H-channel for the DuraShell® lattice.

You may be asking “do I really need these?” As with any do it yourself project, you are the boss. You get to decide the how and what you use to achieve the look you want.

Here are a brief description and suggested use for each of the channels we have.

First the U-channels:

Accessories for your Vinyl Lattice Decorative Lattice UChannelDecorative 3D U-channel (1/4”)

Accessories for your Vinyl Lattice Durashell Lattice UChannelDuraShell® U-channel (1/2”)

We list the size of our u-channel according to the overall thickness of the lattice it is intended to be used with. The Decorative 3D lattice has the total thickness of ¼”, thus the ¼” u-channel. The same explanation is true with the DuraShell® u-channel. Both channels are 98” in length and 7/8” deep. The depth of the channel means that the channel covers 7/8” along the edge of the lattice sheet.

Accessories for your Vinyl Lattice

Now, why would you want to use the u-channel? If you are looking to finish the edges of the lattice sheet, the channel adds a framed look to the panel. Another reason to use the u-channels is as a guide for the lattice sheet on a rail or post.

Accessories for your Vinyl Lattice

Now let’s take a look at the H-channel.

Accessories for your Vinyl Lattice HChannelThe dimensions for the h-channel are ½” x 3” x 98”. The ½” represents the DuraShell® thickness, the outside width of the channel at 3” and the length of the h-channel at 98”. The lattice panel goes into the h-channel 1” on each side.

Accessories for your Vinyl Lattice HChannelHow do you use the h-channel? Use it to connect two sheets of lattice.

Accessories for your Vinyl Lattice

As you can see the u-channel and the h-channels are great accessories to use with your lattice. We even offer the same color of channel as the lattice we manufacture in the DuraShell® product line.

Please note, the u-channel for the Decorative 3D product line is available in white only, and we do not offer an h-channel for this product. But not to worry! You can use the colored DuraShell® channels if you use a ¼” shim to make the ½” thickness to hold the lattice within the channel.

We invite you to browse our Facebook page and our website, You will see many other ways to use the Decorative 3D and DuraShell® channels. Don’t forget to request a sample kit while on the website. The sample kits are listed with the channels on the accessories page. Or call for you sample kit today, 888-457-4342. Feel free to contact us with any questions or to receive a free quote for your current project.

We are happy to help and look forward to hearing from you!