Aluminum Channel Cover Clip


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Channel Covers can be installed on front side only (Eg. underneath a deck where you see the front side of the lattice only) or on front and back sides of lattice (Eg. a divider wall where you can see both front and back sides of lattice).

Recommended # of Clips per Sheet of Lattice (more clips per sheet can be used if desired).

1 Side = Channel Cover on Front Side of Lattice Only 
2 Side = Channel Cover on Front & Back Sides of Lattice

1 Side:

4’ x 8′ = 20 Clips                                     

4’ x 6′ = 18 Clips       

2 Side:

4’ x 8′ = 40 Clips                                     

4’ x 6′ = 36 Clips       

Clips come in a bag of 10 clips.  When ordering, quantity of 1 will be 10 clips, 2 will be 20 clips, etc.

Approximate Dimensions: 1″ W x 1-1/5″ D x 1-1/3″ L 

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• ALUMINUM LATTICE: Aluminum Lattice is now being offered in 2" Square 4' x 8' and 4' x 6' panels. We are currently estimating lead time of two weeks. Please continue to watch for updates or email to check on availability.

Weight 0.25 lbs
Accessory Type

Channel Cover Clip (Black Fine Tex Only) – Bag of 10 Clips (CLIP & COVER INSTALLATION)


Black Fine Texture


1/2In. Aluminum – Hidden Weld

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